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Should You Have Soil Testing Done? Here Are Facts You Should Know


Just because your home, or a home you’re considering buying isn’t near a toxic waste site doesn’t mean soil is free of contaminants. Contamination by heavy metals, particulates from automobile exhaust, pesticides, and petroleum products can occur in ordinary home settings. Homes built on former farmlands or former military sites can have hidden toxins in soil. Soil testing can be done to determine whether contamination is present, which is important if you have young children or if you plan to do gardening or major landscaping.

Soil Chemistry Changes Over Time

Soil chemistry isn’t static, but changes over time. Chemical and biological process combine some soil materials and break others down. Soil also changes when plants grow from it, or when it is disturbed by animals. When particulate airborne pollutants blow in and settle on the ground, some of those particulates may work their way into the soil. Since soil changes constantly, soil testing should be done quickly after a soil sample is extracted for testing. Some soil s


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